VIDEO: S.O. – Satisfy feat. Adenikè

VIDEO: S.O. – Satisfy feat. Adenikè

Satisfy, is the second video from S.O.’s forthcoming album So It Ends.  

Produced and edited by Scouts Honor Media Co., Satisfy begins and ends with a woman going through a box filled with photos and love letters. The scenes in between show the woman and her significant other, played by S.O., building many of those memories that end up in the box as photographs.

The song, which features the singer Adenike, examines all of man’s vain attempts to find satisfaction outside of God.

So It Ends drops on Oct. 16. It’s available for pre-order at every major music outlet where online music is sold. Fans who pre-order can immediately download the So It Ends single.

Below is the track listing for So It Ends. 

1. So It Ends
2. Me Feat. J. Williams
3. Give It To God
4. Where Do We Go From Here
5. The Crew / Judah’s Verse Feat. Serene & Json
6. Right Here, Right Now
7. Walk In The Son 3
8. Still Stay
9. Alexia’s Interlude
10. Wait
11. Satisfy Feat. Adenike
12. London Dreams


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