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VIDEO: Jackie Hill Perry – The Problem [@jackiehillperry @humblebeast]

Jackie Hill Perry – The Problem 

Look up in the sky
I spy a time line of blind vultures
Blind rhymes style the fabric of the timed culture
Soaked in Satan lies find another kinda lotion
Cloaked in a disguise signed the dotted line
It’s over
I told Em find another ride cuz this roller-coaster’s stolen
Going to a fate you won’t believe
Throwing dreams in the face of zzzs
Till he woken
Growing MC’s that sow seeds of
Heavens Roses
Rosen Risen he did it
Death is slaughtered
Our daughters bartering souls for attention
Ought a be heard if only the audible row would listen
Itching for words
Lotta research going towards a hole
And they dig it
Gotta be words
Flowing for heavens sake of the mission
Owing nobody nothing
Them bluffing bustas are finished
This pen ain’t pensions it’s mentions
What sinners don’t wanna deal with
Filled with the Vision of slaves
Lynch Em for tented pigment
See that bus
Get in the back act like its proven
That academics do actually lack
In the black communion
Schools are lacking the facts
Lacking the staff
They foolish
They plastic wrapping the masses
The masters grabbing they nooses
Bastard habits from lacking the happy daddy influence
They ratta ta tat tat and
They Clap at the back of children
They action backwards
They blacker than
The backward
Task of Judas
Laughter is the reaction
When I ask
If they master Jewish
Laughter is the reaction
Ask if they master Jewish
Go backwards a little faster
Past the actions of Judas
Go forward a little more and
Last till the masters through
Grasping the massive truth
That’s surpasses the attitude
That Adams passive pursuit
When he was passed the actual fruit
It ain’t over to the fat lady sings
Go grab a flute
Sax playing the soundtrack of demons singing the blues
A holiday with Molly the same as cane
With a different hue
A dope a rope generation
An Ali kinda rebuke
The violence is silent
The pilot
Tried to remind you
Only one thing is true
Money is at the root
Honey what you gon do
When they come looking for you?

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Kwon Five-Nine
Written By

Kwon Five-Nine is owner and co-founder of as well as SPEAKLIFE Radio Show. He has been involved in Christian / Positive Hip Hop since 1993 when he started rapping and has been heavily involved each year since. Starting in 2002, with "ONE80 Hip-Hop Show," a live concert series, Guerilla Cross has grown into a brand that services in concert promotion, event hosting, an online hip-hop & sports magazine, radio, media, ministry, etc. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Kwon Five-Nine has been a pioneer in the local CHH scene, evolving from local to international events and talent management. Covering sports: UFC, NBA, Vegas Golden Knights and more. Kwon has worked with hip-hop labels and artists: Humble Beast Records, Propaganda, Bizzle, Asaiah Ziv, JGivens, Dre Murray, John Givez, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Collision Records to name a few. Kwon is also a recording studio engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, as well as a 10 years experience as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

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