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VIDEO: J Poetic – Broken Restored

VIDEO: J Poetic – Broken Restored

J Poetic releases “Broken Restored.” His new video from previously released debut album, “Broken Restored.”

“Broken Restored” dialogues the complexities of seeing life from death. Ayaka Terakawa is featured on the song not only as an artist, but also the lead actress. She begins head down in a stream, apparently drowned. Throughout the progression of the video, not only does she rise out of the water into life, she also walks into a lot filled with broken down, decrepit, and abandoned buildings where she ends up singing and proclaiming, “Your grace will restore us.” She is a metaphor for how more often than not, although we have entered into new life, we must traverse through our own brokenness proclaiming life and redemption.

J Poetic is a Portland born and raised spoken word and hip hop artist. Through metaphor and passionate lyricism, he paints the struggle and journey that is had for those who have had a troubled and broken past, then experience redemption firsthand. His debut album, “Broken Restored” was released independently in March of 2015.

J Poetic will be touring in August. For booking inquiries contact:


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Kwon Five-Nine
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Kwon Five-Nine is owner and co-founder of as well as SPEAKLIFE Radio Show. He has been involved in Christian / Positive Hip Hop since 1993 when he started rapping and has been heavily involved each year since. Starting in 2002, with "ONE80 Hip-Hop Show," a live concert series, Guerilla Cross has grown into a brand that services in concert promotion, event hosting, an online hip-hop & sports magazine, radio, media, ministry, etc. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Kwon Five-Nine has been a pioneer in the local CHH scene, evolving from local to international events and talent management. Covering sports: UFC, NBA, Vegas Golden Knights and more. Kwon has worked with hip-hop labels and artists: Humble Beast Records, Propaganda, Bizzle, Asaiah Ziv, JGivens, Dre Murray, John Givez, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Collision Records to name a few. Kwon is also a recording studio engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, as well as a 10 years experience as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

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