VIDEO: GS – Her Story feat. Norman Michael

VIDEO: GS – Her Story feat. Norman Michael

This video is about me at 8 years old waking up to go to school and how I sensed something was happening but didn’t know for sure. I walked into the living room and seen my dad pointing a gun at my mother’s head. I knew he beat her but never seen it and this was so shocking to the point where I couldn’t move. He didn’t see me until the very moment he cocked the gun and was about to shoot her and then he looks up and see me. This had been going on for 23 years. The second verse tells of how my mother didn’t give up and leave her 5 kids behind. Instead of throwing in the towel, we both are in ministry in Houston. “She in tha church, im in tha streets we tryn to win back more, don’t give up”
As A Result:
Now in the city of Houston I am a volunteer coordinator for a women’s blackout shelter. We help those who are in or trying to get out of abusive relationships. I have also partnered with them to develop a booklet that serves as a step by step recovery guide to getting your identity back, building self esteem and also how it not only hurts you. This video is part of a visual guide by my mother and I that will also go with the booklet. We hope to present this to EVERY blackout shelter in Houston and eventually everywhere. I have also been blessed to do some marriage counseling for 3 years now and God has mended families back together all across Houston as well.
“THAT REAL TALK 2” AVAILABLE NOW!!! Video Shot by Jacob Hill


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