VIDEO: Datin – Off The Leash // The Roar album drops 2/12/16

VIDEO: Datin – Off The Leash // The Roar album drops 2/12/16

God Over Money’s beast emcee Datin drops this hard hitting promo video “Off The Leash” from the highly anticipated upcoming album ‘The Roar’ which is set to release Friday 12th 2016! One of our personal favorite artists, Datin and the God Over Money team are proving the Christian Hip-Hop is very alive and well. In an era where a lot of artists seem to be jumping ship, it’s good to see that there’s such a strong group of artists that are still standing for “Truth Music” and making a lot of noise while doing it.

Make sure you get the album 2/12/16 and support this movement! Also tune in to the premiere episode of #SPEAKLIFERadio New Music Friday’s at 2PM PST / 5PM EST for an exclusive interview with Datin on 2/12/16 as we discuss the album track by track with him. Listen live on and the brand new Guerilla Cross app now on Google Play and iTunes.

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