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UnNamed Weekly Report

New Decade a few new tricks for the UnNamed Sports Show Team. Here is the 1st of 52 (we’ll see) weekly reports. 

College Football 

What a week of college football. After being treated to two great bowl playoff games, we were given even more exciting college action all week.

With Oregon winning a nail biter 28-27 over the favored Wisconsin Badgers. Justin Herbert showed great toughness leading the Ducks with 3 rushing touchdowns in the win. Alabama did what Alabama tends to do in big games win, and win BIG. To the tune of 35-16 stifling the Michigan Wolverines all day and giving little hope for any chance of a comeback in the fourth quarter. Minnesota had a program statement win over SEC giants Auburn. The War Eagle struggled to cover burner wide receiver Tyler Johnson who had a HUGE day, with 12 receptions and 204 yards to go along with the go ahead 73 yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. 

NFL Take

Let’s briefly take a look at this week’s playoff matchups and who I think will come out on top. 


Bills 10-6 v. Texans 10-6

Two teams with identical records but different paths to the playoffs. The Bills don’t have signature wins, but looking at their six losses they also fail to have many bad losses. The Texans have shown the ability to take on big challenges (wins against the Chiefs and Patriots) while also laying eggs (Losing to the Panthers at home, beating the Jags by 1 at home). With a propensity for being Jekyll and Hyde at home I’m very interested in the 1st half of this game. If the Bills are able to come out blazing I don’t think the Texans will fight back, however if it goes the other way the Bills don’t have the offense to come back. 20-15 Bills

Titans 9-7 v. Patriots 12-4

This game seems to be an overwhelming one on paper, the returning Super Bowl Champs versus a rag tag bunch with a 1st round Flame Out at QB. But this game actually is a game of two teams going in the exact opposite direction. The Titans went 7-3 with a 4 game winning streak with Tannehill at Quarterback. While the Pats have struggled to find consistent offense during the second half of the season going 2-3 in the month of December. As Rudy T said “Don’t Ever Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion.” I still think this one will go to the Champs even if it’s closer then people want to believe 24-20 Patriots


Vikings 10-6 v. Saints 13-3

This could end up being the revenge game for Drew Brees and company even if they go by the company line of “One game at a time”. This one means something, and after the heartbreak of the past two trips to the playoffs and narrowly missing a 1st round bye this season. Look for Brees to make a statement against a good Vikings team 30-20 Saints

Seahawks 11-5 v. Eagles 9-7

This game is a little tougher to call because both of these teams could use the extra week of rest, but only one of these teams performed throughout the season. However both have shown the ability to make magic in the fourth quarter. Even though the Seahawks are far from Seattle I still think they have the better Quarterback 24-13 Seattle

NHL Hard Hits

The NHL season is already half gone, HOW? Well how is it 2020 already? But I digress. Let’s take a look at the Division leaders as we enter the new year. 

Metropolitan Division Capitals 59 Points

Of course I have to start with the League leading Washington Capitals. However I’m happy they have been flawed as of late. Even though they have shown to have a high powered offense they’ve struggled of late against aggressive forechecking teams and their offense has suffered as a result. 

Atlantic Division Bruins 58 Points

The Bruins are doing what they do and that’s score a LOT of goals. Pastrnak with his league leading 29 goals is not running alone, as Brad Marchand has 20 goals and 30 assists. And Patrice Bergeron has 17 goals in 32 games. 

Central Division Blues 58 Points

After a bit of a sleepy injury filled start, the returning champs have caught their stride. With solid contributions from David Perron and Brayden Schenn they look to make another long post season run this year. 

Pacific Division Golden Knights 50 Points 

The Golden Knights might appear to be the weakest of the division leaders, but do not let VGK’s point tally fool you. They are fresh off the heels of a 9-4-2 December and with Marc Kwondre… Andre Fleury back between the pipes anything is possible. 


Following a few great Christmas day games last week. This week has seen a few upsets so far. 2019 went out with a bang as the Wizards behind 25 points from Ian Mahinmi (not a misprint) beat the Miami Heat 123-105 (They turned around and lost to the Magic 122-101 so all is right with the world). The Thunder got a bit of a statement win over the favored Dallas Mavericks 106-101. And the Pacers took down the favored Sixers 115-97 to close out 2019. 


With Tennis slowly gearing up for the 2020 season, a member of the young guard is taking a few shots at the Big 3. Tread lightly my friend.–ten.html

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Joshua Williams
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