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Theory Hazit-Thr3e : Album Review

Written By: Charles Longo

I heard the hype.I saw the cover.I love boom-bap.I always have my doubts when i hear recommendations.I gave it a listen and realized this is an album of longevity,timeless beats and heartfelt lyrics from the Winchester Kentucky native.
The intro kicks off the title theme “3” explaining all things “Thr3e”. Fans of super mario will understand the creativity. “Find Me” is that song that takes you into the personal life of Theory. Being raw and candid pays off when you have the lyrical ability he does. Mainstream radio heads will dig the chorus,the hiphop heads will dig the wordplay. Its really the best of both worlds. “What Lies Beneath” pours out a story of what we all though we knew in our doubtful minds while “Old Derty Hazit” sounds like Black Milk and Jake One had a beat baby. The sonic quality is undeniable. “Angel PT.2” and “I need you more” is the real raw illustration of what marriage actually is. As you can tell Theory Hazit does not sleep on  picking subject matters that illustrate the realities of life, good or bad. A splash of  fuzzy dilla-esque snares and synths permeate the air on these two with a headknock for sure. A warm welcome from the casino jingles of what hits on the radio these days.Theory’s Uncle was a R&B and Funk Fanatic.”for a lack of better word” holds up to those standards as deep grooves and long sax solo’s carry the track into good territory, though i was expecting a bigger climax to such a diverse genuinely musical track it really took on its own personality. “Jo Jo Dancer” is a lyrical assault as the closer,leaving you on a high note.  This is an exceptionally put together album with the only downside feeling as if all the beats are playing in the same time rhythm. Not that its bad, (because the beats are some of the best i’ve heard in the industry period) but that it made it more difficult to differentiate from song to song.”Find Me” has the potential to break into different genres (and possibly billboards) from the hook alone. This is not your typical underground rap album. It doesnt conform and understands the Dilla’s, The Little Brother’s, and The Slum Villages of the world. And since that is very rare nowadays its safe to say Theory has IT. 4 1/2 stars   *Charles Longo


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