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The Light: Artist Spotlight – AYEmills [@AYEmillsRAW]

There is an excess of artists in this day and age, and with the abundance of social media platforms that many unexceptional individuals use to parade their “talent”, it’s easy for artists with quality work to get lost in the sauce. Since the staff here at Guerilla Cross is dedicated to presenting listeners with the best music, we have taken it upon ourselves to find awesome artist that may be under the radar, but need to be heard. In the first edition of The Light: Artist Spotlight, we introduce to you “AYEmills”. Ayemills is a fresh voice in CHH, as he delivers strong, mellow, introspective, inspiring, and sincere lyrics with his masculine voice. He displays himself as musically versatile artist as he gives a solid delivery of his lyrics over an assortment of instrumentals. I sat down with AYEmills for an interview in order to get to know him better and understand the inspiration behind his music.

Name: AYEmills

Age: 25 years old

Location: Watts, CA

Label: JustHis Records

Social Media:

Twitter (@AYEmillsRAW)

Instagram (@AYEmillsRAW)

Facebook (

YouTube (

Soundcloud (



When did you start making music?
I wrote my first rap at 10 years old for a talent contest at the school I attended and have been rapping since, but I started recording music and taking it serious in 2007. 

Who/what are your musical influences?
My biggest influence for all the music I make is life, I know that’s kind of vague but making music for me is like therapy, so my music is like a open diary. Sometimes I’m being transparent about my direct emotions/feelings whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ other times I’m telling someone else story. I’m also inspired by artist like J. Cole, Daft Punk, The Roots, Kanye West, Pharrell, P.O.D., N.E.R.D., Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Public Enemy, Big K.R.I.T. and N.W.A.

What are you goals?
The main goal/vision is to make music, visuals and apparel at a highly creative level using modern day trends and enlighten people with spiritual vision and values that will spark a exodus out of this world’s sinful system and inspire a passionate pursuit of GOD.

What message are you trying to deliver to your listeners through your music?
The system this world has set for humanity and made the standard or “the norm” if you look at what goes on in other countries, TV, social networks, in your neighborhood or your surroundings where ever you are you’ll see it’s mostly evil. So my message through the music is to influence anybody listening to rebel against that, the evil and sinful ways of this worldly system.
How would you describe your sound?
I always refer to myself as an artist and not a rapper, because if I label myself as a rapper, for some reason there’s an assumption that rap music is all I can compose, so if I were to ever do a rock song, or a techno song listeners would have a hard time accepting that from me because that assumption that comes with an expectation of ONLY making rap music. But because I know what I’m capable of creating musically and I have ideas of songs I would like to make it’s hard to really describe my sound and place it in one genre.

What do you feel make you stand out among other artists?
My versatility, my style varies from spittin’ the boom bap backpack rap over some J Dilla sounds to spazzin over some 808’s and loud bass or switch it up and make something catchy over something that sounds like dub step or techno.

Can you explain the visuals to your video for “Rebels Creed”?
Like I stated before I consider myself to be a uniquely creative individual, so when it comes to visuals I always think how can I create something that’s unique, different, and stands out yet still relate to the concept. So with a song like ‘Rebels Creed’ I automatically could tell by the vibe of the track before I even wrote to it, the visuals would be something kind of creepy to some, though my motive is not to scare anybody. So once I wrote my lyrics and the song was recorded the idea of expressing the song’s overall message, which is me being a rebel of evil standing out going against the grain, the idea of me being in a dark room illuminated was to me a great relation of not only the song’s message about being a stand out, but also a metaphor of my life, which is for me to be a light (glow) in a evil (dark) world. So it basically carried a double meaning, some people try to disprove it and say it’s evil but last time I checked it’s not sinful nor demonic to put glow in the dark paint on your body, may look a little intimidating but definitely not evil one bit.

When can listeners expect another body of work from you?
Well since my mixtape was just released a few months ago right now I’m promoting this project doing live performances, shows and interviews. But I’m constantly composing and creating new music.  I’ve been recording a few features and new songs so at this pace there’s no telling when I’m dropping something, it could be at any moment.  I have enough material to put out another mixtape right now but I want to give it a chance to live and let people absorb the music before I put out another body of work. I’ll still be releasing songs and putting out music just to keep updating the ears of my supporters, but to answer your question I really couldn’t tell you when but I could tell you with my team, our work ethics and creativity it won’t be long.

AYEmills – Rebels Creed (Video)
Download AYEmills free album “C.O.L.O.R.S” at the link below:

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