“The Bridge” – Efechto + D. Steele [@djefechto @HumbleBeast]


Artist // The Bridge

Producer(s) // Efechto & D.Steele

Description of sound:
Instrumental, Hip Hop, Electronic, Neck-Breaking BeatsAlbum Description:
The Bridge is the self titled debut record from the production duo comprised of Efechto and D. Steele. This instrumental album is a mixture of hard hip hop beats with an electronic influence, promoting an array of styles ranging from gritty neck-breaking bangers, raw soul and face scrunching uptempo selections. The concept behind The Bridge comes from a firm conviction and joy knowing that Jesus Christ is the one true bridge, the only way to God the father.


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Track List
1. Epic Sword Fight
2. Suspension
3. The Bridge Is Ova
4. Speed Racer
5. Transmission
6. Jalapeño Bizness
7. Orthotropic Beam
8. Hood Quake
9. Peanut Butter Cops
10. Are We There Yet?
11. Funkdockta
12. Pocket Full Of Gems
13. Uphill
14. Pack Yo Bags
15. Mongolian Beefin’
16. Cookie Stacking Champion

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