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NEW MUSIC: NomiS – Agape

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NEW MUSIC: NomiS – Chapters

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MUSIC: NomiS – Prevail feat. Propaganda

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NEW MUSIC: NomiS – Agape As a result of our upbringing, our appearance, and our perspectives, we all face obstacles that others can’t fully understand. This is what makes our experiences unique. “AGAPE” is a public petition for compassion towards those experiencing the trial that we just cant seem to relate to. In Nomis’ latest …

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NEW MUSIC: NomiS – Chapters NomiS drops a new single “Chapters”. Really dope track from instrumental production, lyrics, hook, and verses. Listen to the new track now and let us know what you think in the comments below! In a time where America appears to be divided more than ever, it would sometimes seem as …

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VIDEO: NomiS – Prevail feat. Propaganda   In a culture that’s stuck in a revolving door of political scandal, Social Media trends, and attempting to keep up with the Kardashians, it has become very difficult for the human conscience to have a voice in our lives. Whether we are looking at our tablets, cell phones, …

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SPEAKLIFE Radio: Conversations w/ J. Monty and Nomis Do we need more real Christians in CHH? We discuss this plus a live interview with J. Monty speaking with us about his new album ‘Second Born’ and also Nomis talks to us about his new album ‘Socially Just’. PLUS a freestyle session w/ Asaiah Ziv and …

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 Nomis – Socially Just   Southern Cali artist Nomis drops his new album Socially Just, touching on subjects of human trafficking and other social issues. Socially Just is out now go cop it now!!!! ITunes 1. Socially Just 2. Make Your Voice Heard 3. Traffic (feat. John Givez) 4. Smile 5. Prevail (feat. Propaganda) 6. …

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VIDEO: Nomis – Traffic feat. John Givez In a time in HipHop where everybody is busy competing and proclaiming themselves as “king”, the actual substance of the music has continually taken a backseat. But in the vein of KRS-ONE or Kendrick Lamar, Nomis refuses to take that route and shows this to be true in …

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VIDEO: NomiS – fLAW Music & Words by Nomis / Directed, Shot & Edited by Kristine Kirchmeier Hear “fLAW” on the upcoming album, “Socially Just” and also featured on the upcoming compilation, “Cram X”.  

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NomiS – Peace ft. Ryan LaCoste PRESS RELEASE: In life we all experience those times when life’s troubles just continue to build and the “peace that surpasses all understanding” is what it takes to be free from the feeling of despair and self pity. In this LIVE music video, NomiS give you an extremely transparent …

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Wasting no time, NomiS releases a brand new song just weeks into the new year. A song that was created as an attempt to bring balance to this current age of “Trap music” which floods the blogs and airwaves. NomiS’ “Building” reminds us of our responsibility to be intentional in counteracting the consistent destructive and negative messages that …

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Get “I Dreamed A Dream Deferred” for FREE (along with the rest of the album, “The Wretched”), at or Spoken Word about the 27-30 Million people in slavery today and how their “right to dream” has been stripped away from them. Website: Twitter: @NomisHipHop Instagram: @NomisHipHop Facebook:

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The Wretched: A soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables by NomiS Hip-Hop artist and producer, NomiS, announced that he will release a new album that draws its thematic and musical inspiration from “Les Miserables.” The album is titled, “The Wretched: A Soundtrack of Justice & Redemption Inspired by Les Miserables,” and is …

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