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Before the release of Lecrae’s Church Clothes in May of 2012, there was another gentleman that arguably paved the way for Christian Hip Hop’s new face for the decade. His project created a tremor that would give the CHH audience a healthy preview of a new ideology that would come with following works in the genre. With a fitting title of “Wake Up,” Collision Records recording artist Swoope was the alarm with a broken snooze button. Since the release of the album, Swoope has proven to be a cornerstone in the culture marrying “high art” with a living lens.

“I think Wake Up made people [respond] like ‘He’s legit. He’s really an artist.’ ”

Swoope explains how this is good for a first album because it laid a foundation  to take risks and experiment artistically.

In a recent interview, Swoope states that the current accomplishment is finishing up Alex Faith’s album ATLast. “I think it’s our best project to date,” Swoope shares with Rapzilla. He further touches on his own upcoming project which is scheduled to release sometime next year.

“People are used to backpack music from me, a lot of break beats and piano…we’re going to stick with the lyricism. I’m trying to make a movie,” he explains. “The trajectory of our label has been astounding. How fast things have moved…and for the Lord, to have done some of the things that He has done is astounding. It’s encouraging on one hand and frightening on the other.”

We’ll be sure to keep posted on what moves Collision Records and Swoope are making. The next up to bat is Alex Faith. ATLast is scheduled for release on November 5th. One can be sure that this album will surely surprise many if it is indeed Collision’s “best project to date.” Check out Alex Faith’s single “Letting Me Go”

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