SINGLE: Angie Rose – Bright Lights feat. Th3 Saga

SINGLE: Angie Rose – Bright Lights feat. Th3 Saga

Angie Rose - Bright LightsEast coast emcee Angie Rose drops another single! “Bright Lights” comes off the heals of the dope track “Unstoppable” which made a lot of noise and now working with battle rapper Th3 Saga, Angie drops another hot track.

Angie Rose said:

The wait is over . . 

I’m so excited to finally be sharing Bright Lights with you. To be honest this is one of my favorites so far. I feel like I was able to share a picture of what my life looked like before Jesus, and the changes that he has made and continues to make to this day. One of my goals as an artist is to be completely me. I love sharing my story with you, my family, and being able to work on this song with my family was an added bonus. Th3 Saga skillfully weaved himself into this song, he is not an addition, he is completely a part of it.  Bright lights is very much the story of my Saviors pursuit of me, “look up now darling, your Savior is a prayer away”; That is the story of my reconciliation one solid encounter where I finally saw the character of Jesus and fell in love.

It took 3 years to for me to listen and finally understand. But now I see, and I pray that to those walking in darkness I would be a light. I pray that they say ” I See fire in her eyes” listen to the track you’ll Know exactly what I mean!!

 Angie Rose



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