Scribbling Idiots “Invitation Only” album stream [@scribblingidiot @illect]

Scribbling Idiots “Invitation Only” album stream

Invitation Only track listing
1. Got That Hunger (feat. KJ-52, Theory Hazit, JustMe & EF Cuttin)
2. Old Heads (feat. muzeONE, Wonder Brown & BlackBolt)
3. Watch Out (feat. Ruslan, Shames Worthy, Playdough, Re:Flex the Architect & DJ Aslan)
4. The Goon Docks (feat. Cas Metah, Adan Bean & Sintax the Terrific)
5. She Got Me (feat. Elias, Ruffian & Sintax the Terrific)
6. Here We Go (feat. Listener, Mouf Warren & EF Cuttin)
7. Let’s All Get Down (feat. MotionPlus, CookBook, NomiS & Sivion)
8. New Man (feat. Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Reach & EF Cuttin)
9. Nothing To Prove (feat. Capture, Sundance, JustMe, Sean P & DJ Aslan)
10. Might As Well (feat. Sintax the Terrific, Mouf Warren, Urlybyrd & Mike B)
11. Pass It (feat. Freddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin & EF Cuttin)
12. Shoulda Coulda Woulda’s (feat. Mouf Warren, Legal Alien, Ruffian, Knowdaverbs & Cash Hollistah)
13. Journey On (feat. BlackBolt, Elias, k-Drama & Sev Statik)
14. Thankful (feat. Wonder Brown, D-Minor, Ozay Moore & MotionPlus)
15. Victorious (feat. Red Cloud, Cas Metah, Playdough, Sojourn, Manchild & Jurny Big)
16. Last But Not Least (feat. Theory Hazit, Magestik Legend, Propaganda & DJ Efechto)

Production by Beat Rabbi, DJ Efechto (The Bridge), Fab da Eclectic, muzeONE, Re:Flex the Architect, Sojourn, Theory Hazit, and Thought P.

Scratches by DJ Aslan, DJ Efechto, EF Cuttin, and Mike B.

Scribbling Idiots “Invitation Only” album releases March 11, 2014.

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