S.O. is back with his latest single “Be Mine.”  Initially, the song was written to be part of an Afrobeats/Afro inspired EP that he and longtime collaborator GP were working on. At a certain point, they decided to stop working on that project so they could focus on a full-length album. S.O. says, “The project was meant to tell the story of how I went from break up and sadness in ‘So It Ends’ to being married to the woman I was writing all those songs about in 2015.”

Be Mine is now being released as a stand-alone single. It’s a “song about love, thanking God that I found my wife and asking her to spend the rest of her life with me”, according to S.O. He continues, “Our road was not a smooth one and maybe one day soon the gaps will be filled, until then enjoy me asking her to allow me to serve her forever.”

In typical fashion, S.O. continues to use his real life experiences to show his listeners how he follows Christ. Be Mine is an example of how he did this by calling his now wife, to walk this road of faith together with him. 

“Be Mine” is now available on all digital outlets.

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