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RMG-“Welcome To The Family” Album Review [@rmgtweets @mynameisPRO @icharleslongo]

RMG – “Welcome To The Family”
Album Review
By Charles Longo [@icharleslongo]

RMG is a collective of artists from Reach Records signee PRO, who established REFLECTION MUSIC GROUP. Artists Chad Jones, Canon, and Brothatone, all from different states, backgrounds and walk of life, share an equal number of features in this four-headed collective. Slick southern production permeates the air on this one. Where some may drop the ball in this area, the organic feel of live instrumentation and pounding drums hit the mark. On “That’s why I get it” the message is clear that Jesus already paid there dues on the cross and they are proud to wave that flag of the gift of salvation, not by their own works. On “I guess you was right” RMG touches on being there own worst enemy to their sins and issues. I ain’t know what I was in for//I  really should’a BEEN gone//my pride gon’ be the end of me// really reflects the human nature inside of all of us, making the track more than personal. “Paparazzi” is a very clever shot back at the way people view Christianity, the church, and the pointy fingered judges sitting inside all of us. Open honest and bold lines in this one.//And all along they the ones that got the mask on//yet they the ones throwing rocks at that glass home//so when we fall, they just say we impostors//demonizing our struggle like we some kinda mobsters//you might see people actin’ like ya biggest fan//but really they the trigger-man//
This is a very well written concept and refreshing to hear in a genre that is too often about obligatory Jesus name drops in the hopes of approval of men.

“Does not compute” takes analog sounds, fried computer choruses,bass knocking stripped down drums sounding off on worldly troubles and online promiscuity while blending anything internet related into parables of what it looks like in Gods eyes without being super preachy. Creativity over forced knowledge works on this one. “Starstruck” had me listening and wanting more of just chad/pro/canon/ or brothatone’s voice instead of stacked singers vocals. Shining like a galaxy//Somebody tell’em// shining like a galaxy reflecting who is stellar//starstruck// while awesome synths and drums really had me feeling I was in orbit I was hoping for less vocals cluttered into the chorus.

“Take it all away” takes off with a New York feel for sure, reflecting how the earth is groaning for a release for Gods return to restore us. Its all pain and life in this one with amazing chemistry from the lyrics hitting hard with a dope back and forth feel. “Geeked up” is the lead single for this album. While the chorus seems a misstep, the lyrics are machine gunfire to the brain with high energy. It will undoubtedly reach the younger heads. “New one” reminded me heavy of T-Minus’s productions, which isn’t a bad thing, as the emcees aim is transparency at their growth towards a new heart.
“One time” closes out the track with thanks to every head that was essential in getting RMG to where they are today. That’s a warm welcome for people that stand for family and God, making this a very solid commercial album all around. I look forward to seeing these guys do this live as their energy, lyrics, and what they stand for will continue to grow them as artists and family men.
Dope production, originality and transparency all around.


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Kwon Five-Nine
Written By

Kwon Five-Nine is owner and co-founder of as well as SPEAKLIFE Radio Show. He has been involved in Christian / Positive Hip Hop since 1993 when he started rapping and has been heavily involved each year since. Starting in 2002, with "ONE80 Hip-Hop Show," a live concert series, Guerilla Cross has grown into a brand that services in concert promotion, event hosting, an online hip-hop & sports magazine, radio, media, ministry, etc. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Kwon Five-Nine has been a pioneer in the local CHH scene, evolving from local to international events and talent management. Covering sports: UFC, NBA, Vegas Golden Knights and more. Kwon has worked with hip-hop labels and artists: Humble Beast Records, Propaganda, Bizzle, Asaiah Ziv, JGivens, Dre Murray, John Givez, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Collision Records to name a few. Kwon is also a recording studio engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, as well as a 10 years experience as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

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