PROMO VIDEO: Json Drops 1st Official Promo Video for Upcoming Album ‘No Filter’ [@Json116 @LampMode]

PROMO VIDEO: Json Drops 1st Official Promo Video for Upcoming Album ‘No Filter’

PHILADELPHIA, PA (January 7, 2015)–Lamp Mode’s Jason “Json” Watson is known for being real, raw and authentic. In that way, his forthcoming album, No Filter, slated for a March 2015 release, stays true to form. His first official promo video was released today.

Beneath the image of perfection so many wear, the man behind the “No More Secrets” anti-sexual abuse campaign, is getting real about common issues like low self-esteem and insecurity.

“Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be,” says the quote in the video, which opens with nothing more than a black screen and white text. The words frame what the viewer is about to see, which is the un-blurring of the lines between reality and false representations of it.

To punctuate the point, in approximately one minute, a seemingly perfect model is deconstructed. She goes from being enhanced through lighting, make-up and photoshop, to the real, unaltered woman underneath—who appears starkly different.

Json, who has preached sermons on the topic of identity, is getting to the core of how brokenness is often masked. “This is the age of make-up, surgery and pretending,” said the Lamp Mode executive and artist. He believes this shows our inability to accept what the Bible says about us in Psalm 139:14, that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Going into more detail, Json explained, “To be fearfully made means to be made full of awe. So then, God made us to want to be awed by something or someone—mainly Him. But we find ourselves wanting to awe other people, or be awed by them, because of this innate desire, which is why we make ourselves up to try to be something great.”

In a generation wooed by all that is fake and manipulated, Json has the courage to remove the filter, lay bare the brokenness—not skimming over his own. “In the age of social media, you get to post what you want and use the filter to change your true image, but that’s not real,” he said.

What is real, are his personal “issues with identity and self-esteem,” which, he said, “people probably wouldn’t think about me because I’m outgoing.”

With No Filter, however, he is hoping to “help others see, to some degree, everybody is wrestling with those things.”

And that’s as real as it gets.




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