[PODCAST] SPEAKLIFE Radio Show Episode 7.9 interview w/ @iamPlaydough + @Revolutionary7

SPEAKLIFE Radio Show Episode 7.9 interview with Playdough // Revolutionary // + New Music

“A new season of Guerilla Cross: SPEAKLIFE Radio Show is now streaming LIVE online every Tuesday 7-9pm pst exclusively on GuerillaCross.com and NOW being broadcast on JamTheHype.com + DaSouth.com Wednesdays 4-6pm pst and Saturdays 2-4pm pst
SPEAKLIFE Radio Show SEASON 7 - Playdough 9 17 13 1500 x 1500

Playing the best in Christian hip-hop and some r&b, as well as artist interviews, current event discussions, and much MUCH MORE!
Hosted by Kwon Five-Nine with Simply T + DJ 12 [TWLV], featuring brand new segments and live call ins for your chance to win FREEE STUUFFFFF are just part of the things that make SPEAKLIFE Radio Show the show that everyone is talkin’ about.”

Also Podcasting on iTunes, search: Guerilla Cross

Playing new tracks from: Bizzle | Propaganda | Andy Mineo | Lecrae | Beautiful Eulogy | JGivens | Sho Baraka | Eshon Burgundy | Social Club | and many more….

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