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Playdough + Sean Patrick – Gold Tips: Album Review [@iam Playdough @DJSeanP @Childphenom]

What do you say about a dude like @iamPlaydough…? Dope? Fresh? Authentic? Versatile? Weird? Strange? Christian? Questionable?

Playdough + Sean Patrick – Gold Tips: Album Review 

What do you say about a dude like @iamPlaydough…? Dope? Fresh? Authentic? Versatile? Weird? Strange? Christian? Questionable? Well if you listen to this latest project #GoldTips, you might come away thinking all of the above! But to those of us who know him (musically) I will say this…’It’s about time’!
The combination of @iamPlaydough and @DJSeanP takes me back to the late 80s in such a refreshing way that the theme of this review has become ‘it’s about time’.
It’s about time that some one stopped jocking the industries carbon copy, cookie cutter approach to making an album, it’s about time that originality and authenticity returned to the music, and it’s about time that we took it back to the era of real emceeing and real deejaying! Every track on this album is a party rocking, bass pumping, head nodding ode to legendary hip hop crews like the Beastie Boys, Run DMC, and 3rd Bass! The production is vintage, the rhyme schemes are witty, and the lyrics are simple enough not to lose you. The messages are light hearted and understandable, and not bible thumping or Jesus banging.
It’s about time that artist realize that HipHop ,(HisHop, CHH, HolyHipHop or whatever else we as believers want to call it, in some weak attempt to be separate from it), is still a cultural art form and form of entertainment. #GoldTips embodies that fundamental truth and serves as reminder that no matter how we try to separate ourselves from HipHop, we are a part of it, and if we are to be a part of it this how you do it. There’s nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying the culture, everything isn’t as serious as we make it seem, and being dope as an artist isn’t a sign of compromise of faith!
I’m not gonna do a track by track breakdown on this one, or quote lines and all that, but what I will say is that if more people approached life like #GoldTips approaches HipHop, maybe we as believers wouldn’t have the type of prudish stuck up stigmas attached to us that we do!
#GoldTips is a better quality than what your used to, so go get a few of em! Get knowledge…

-by @ChildphenoM


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