NEWS: Lee Green no longer with Humble Beast Records

NEWS: Lee Green no longer with Humble Beast Records

Rapper / singer Lee Green has officially resigned from Humble Beast records.

Lee GreenSigned in the Spring of 2012, Lee was used many times on albums on the label for features like Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy, Eshon Burgundy, and more. He never did drop a solo project with the label although many fans, including us here at Guerilla Cross, were patiently waiting for an album from the very talented Green.

Statement from Lee Green:
HB is an amazing movement that is very influential in today’s Culture of Christian urban expression. They are a treasured example of how to use Hip hop to make much of Jesus. Their ministry has blessed me frequently as a true fan. However, as a member of Humblebeast Records my time of opportunity has expired. I have officially resigned from being a Humble beast music artist. I was very blessed to learn do’s and don’t by the successes and failures of my HB brothers. I will continue learn from them and hope to share the gospel with them from a different angle.

To specifically address the Humble beast FAM…please know this is not fair well, but hello and I love you from the same position that all of your loyal fans have as well as those you consider yourselves to know and share the same heart for Jesus with.

For those of you who believe I am called to do this, I have not abandoned music in any way. I am excited for what God has planned as He steers me into the lane that He has carved for His glory.

Let’s hope that in his solo endeavor a project is coming sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Humble Beast released an update about this news today on their website:

Our desire at Humble Beast is to serve. We want to serve the artists for the sake of their ministry. We want to serve our business for the sake of our families. We want to serve the Church for the sake of its joy in Christ. Unfortunately, we are not yet perfect people. Our priorities need constant realignment as we continually turn our eyes back to Jesus. As we live our lives in the constant tension of the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet,’ we confidently strive to glorify God in what we do, what we say, what we think, and in how we treat our neighbor. We hope to continually grow in wisdom and humility as we discern what is best for our business, our ministry, and the people that we serve.

It’s with this understanding that we wish our brother Lee Green nothing but the best as we mutually part ways. Humble Beast does not sign contracts with our artists. We have covenant agreements in which the following is understood: we will strive to work with the artist to serve their musical and creative endeavors insofar as they feel they are being adequately served. At any point, the artist may back away from the label if they decide to pursue other creative interests or if they feel as if we are not serving them as best we can. After conversation and deliberation, both parties have decided that it is best for Lee to pursue other venues that best suit his talents, gifts, goals, and desires. We have a deep love and respect for our brother and are excited to see what he does next. Continue to follow Lee and his pursuits, as we expect nothing but the best from him. Godspeed.

Video featuring Lee Green singing and rapping with Beautiful Eulogy and another former label mate Theory Hazit :

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