NEWS: Hostyle Gospel’s “Hostyle Takeover” details announced

NEWS: Hostyle Gospel’s “Hostyle Takeover” details announced

hostyle-gospel-takeoverHostyle Takeover is the 4th studio album from Illinois based rap group Hostyle Gospel. This project serves as a culmination of all of Hostyle Gospel’s previous efforts. While remaining true to the boots to the ground, militant approach found in their earlier works, HG manages to expand and stretch their capabilities on the new project slated for an October 14, 2016 release. Being the most versatile project from the group yet, Hostyle Takeover is a much more personal take on social issues, family, faith, and ministry.

HG set out to create something that would stand apart from their existing catalogue. One aspect they explored on the new project was collaboration. The album boasts stand-out features by Gemstones, John Givez, Fred Lynch and production by Tone Jonez. A host of other artists accompany Hostyle Gospel throughout the project, giving the album a fresh and new creative flow.

Subject matter on the project ranges from social justice issues to the ups and downs of marriage, and even grief and hardships of losing family members. Songs like “Skittles & Iced Tea” featuring John Givez and “No Justice No Peace” are battle cries against the injustices of the world, while “Clap” featuring Gemstones and “My Block” are are exercises in lyrical abilities.

Sonically, Hostyle Takeover is arguably HG’s most complete piece of work to date. Yes there are sharp snares and boomy 808’s as expected in modern hiphop, however the sound is much more than that. Upright bass riffs, saxophone solos, intricate piano patterns, and gritty synth loops, all blend together to create the new sound of Hostyle Gospel.

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