New track from Gerry Skrillz “Surrender” feat. Drew Weeks

New track from Gerry Skrillz “Surrender” feat. Drew Weeks


Gerry Skrillz has created a sonic vehicle that transports us to the moments and emotions behind his submission to God with his New single SURRENDER. In the aftermath of his world crumbling we see the beauty behind the brokenness that leads us to come to the end of ourselves. It’s in these moments that we can finally reach out to the one whose love is not limited by our failures.
“So if the ashes of my life is where we finally get to meet… Well then losing everything suddenly sounds so sweet” Skrillz
Surrender features singer song writer Drew Weeks and production by Halo Hitz who recently co- produced the powerful single” Monster” for artist KB of Reach Records. With the expected announcement of the release of Skrillz New EP right around the corner, SURRENDER leaves us eager for more great music this year from the Die Daily artist.

For more information and to connect with Gerry Skrillz and drew Weeks
Gerry Skrillz: @gerryskrillz
Drew Weeks: @drewweeks

Gerry Skrillz: @gerryskrillz
Drew Weeks: @drewweeks4HIM

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