NEW RELEASE: P.A.T. Junior – Nystagmus [iampatjunior]

NEW RELEASE: P.A.T. Junior – Nystagmus

Pat juniorNystagmus is complex story yet a simple theme about searching for identity and perspective.


released 21 October 2014

All of the skits of me and my wife were reenactments done by myself and Tamyra J. Mix (my wife)

1. Enterview (skit) – Patrick Mix (Me), Mom (Rita Mix), Mr. Lynch (Ron Hatton Jr.)

2. The Dx, DejaView – Produced by P.A.T. Junior and D.Steele

3. Walk of $hame – Produced by Eons D, annoying customer assistant played by Justin Pelham

4. L.S.D. – Produced by P.A.T. Junior, background vocals by Lizzie Cooke

5. Whatever – Produced by Eons D

6. The Rx, Interlude – Produced by DJ Official

7. HT=MV2 (HardTimesEqualsMotivation) – Produced by D.Steele

8. My Apologies (Part 1) – Produced by Knaladeus

9. The Tx, Scars of Men – Produced by D.Steele

Tracks 1 – 7: Recorded by Slums at Goodword Production Studios – Mixed & Mastered by Justin Pelham

Tracks 8 – 10: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Slums at Goodword Production Studios

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