NEW RELEASE: L3XDIVINE – High Infrastructure

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NEW RELEASE: L3XDIVINE – High Infrastructure

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Dope new project released by L3XDIVINE. Check out the quick 4 track EP and follow L3XDIVINE on all social media platforms.

Recorded on iPhone (Garage Band)
Produced By Thought Junkies

provides a classic Hip Hop sound with charismatic cadences and lyricism. L3XDIVINE compels you to connect with her artistically but also allows you to preview some of her frustrations through personal introspection. Here you will sonically witness the building of her spirit and the exhortation for all saints to continue forward in faith. To stand on a road is to only see so far, but the heart of an adventurer travels farther than sight. She embraces the  journey to walk with God in the fulfillment of her destiny. The message she chooses to convey is that many may disagree or may not comprehend the nature of her edification. They may not even understand your journey, but the path we walk on were made by the hands that build us up by each step we take.

B E L I E V E in your D R E A M S !

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