NEW MUSIC: Marz Ferrer releases a new single “There”

NEW MUSIC: Marz Ferrer releases a new single “There”

Marz Ferrer drops another dope single. “There” was produced by V S | W R L D. ┬áCheck out the track and leave some feedback below. Follow Marz Ferrer on all social media platforms @MarzFerrer.

There Lyrics

Verse 1

Like the sun kissed earth
My heart’s fire burns
As I fan this flame for you
No air escapes
And I will suffocate until I exhale your name

Pre hook(x2)

Caught up in this moment
Hoping this will never end
With my heart wide open
As I let you in

Hook 1

You know I love you
You know I care
You know I need you
Can you take me there

Verse 2

Like the moon on the sea
Your love’s guiding me
My darling, I’m sailing to your arms
You’re water to my soul
Revive these dry bones
This oasis is your home

Hook 2


Can you take me there

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