NEW MUSIC: Krum – Flare Factor [prod. by !llmind]

NEW MUSIC: Krum – Flare Factor [prod. by !llmind]

New track from Krum featuring production from !llmind. Check out the track below and the note from Krum himself.


“Hey guys! I wanted to stay in touch and keep you posted on what’s new with me. I’m super excited about my next solo album. It’s the first official Krum solo release and I’m wrapping it up as we speak. I’m done recording and have been in the process of mixing it for the last few weeks. Spoiler: it sounds amazing!

“I’m working on giving you guys some cool things in addition to the music. It’s been great hearing from everyone that spoke up about exactly what type of merch they’d like from me. I love hearing from you guys and want you to know that you play a huge role in what I do, so it’s awesome to work with you and offer things that you can look forward to,” he wrote in an email blast. “I’m planning the release and strategizing on the best way to roll everything out. Please keep me in your prayers so that I can make the best moves and get you everything in the coolest way possible. I’ll keep you updated with all the album info so look out for a lot more updates from me soon.”

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