New Album: Nomis – Socially Just

 Nomis – Socially Just

  Southern Cali artist Nomis drops his new album Socially Just, touching on subjects of human trafficking and other social issues. Socially Just is out now go cop it now!!!!
1. Socially Just
2. Make Your Voice Heard
3. Traffic (feat. John Givez)
4. Smile
5. Prevail (feat. Propaganda)
6. Flaw
7. Theme Music (Life In Motion)
8. Filthy Rich
9. Dr. Malcolm (feat. Jurny Big)
10. Green Mile
11. Love God, Love People
12. Violence Within the Violin

Bonus: More Than Meets the Eye (feat. Sojourn, JGivens, Kahlee)


Production by Nomis, Anthony Cruz, and DJ Rek


SPEAKLIFE Radio Episode 9.29 Nomis Converation

Tune in and catch Nomis this Tuesday on SPEAKLIFE Radio 11/17/15

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  1. Avatar
    Scott Walker
    November 18, 2015

    Just bought this album today. The whole enchilada is banging. Makes me reminisce about the Gallery Drive album. The rhymes, guest features and production are phenomenal. Promote it all over social media. And not just you’re favorite go to spots. Thank you NomiS for releasing this joint!

    • Avatar
      November 20, 2015

      thanks for checking it out!

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