MUSIC: Sivion’s “Alone” is about trying to “figure it out”… all alone.

MUSIC: Sivion’s “Alone” is about trying to “figure it out”… all alone.

Sivion and Illect Recordings announce the release of Alone. Produced by Sebastian Hochstein, this single is about a time in Sivion’s life where he was trying to “figure it out”… all alone.

Sivion shares, “When I first heard this beat composition from Sebastian Hochstein, I really loved how he worked the sequencing of the music elements.  He starts it off with a sinister, almost eerie sound with driving drums, which immediately gave me the visual of dark billowing clouds on a stormy day.  Then later he brightens the vibe with a brilliantly colorful chord change that resets your perspective as if the clouds parted, allowing the sun to shine through.

He continues, “So when writing this song I focused on describing the feel of being alone, left to deal with life’s challenges all by myself……waiting patiently for God to deliver me from my own mental bondage and the attack of my adversaries.  But through it all giving Him praise and glory for working all things for my good, even though I don’t know when or where He will show up.  This is one of those songs that (though written for others to enjoy) ministers directly to me and I hope that it has the same powerful impact on you, as you allow it past your ear drums to settle deep into your soul.  You’re not ALONE…

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