MIXTAPE: Illsamar – medəˈkāSH​(​ə​)​n

MIXTAPE: Illsamar – medəˈkāSH​(​ə​)​n

Illsamar mixtape coverWest coast artist Illsamar drops a dope mixtape with 14 tracks that will help quench your thirst for raw underground hip-hop that our genre has been lacking. ‘medəˈkāSH​(​ə​)​n’ features production from Imperial, Germmanii, Pr3destined, Jordie Jae, Devwar, Meening & Preacha Beats as well as vocal features from The Foundation, Germmanii, Sunwhoa Love, Pr3destined & Infinite.


Recorded & co-mixed by Desteny (Pr3destined) Martinez, Co-Mixed & Mastered by John (Tri-Soul) Magallanes. Imeprial apears courtesy of Illect Recordings. Instrumental production credits include Germmanii, Imperial, Pr3destined, Meening, Preacha Beats, Devwar and Jordie Jae.

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