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The In-Betweens Vol.1: Welcome by P.A.T. Junior DOWNLOAD AT NOISETRADE While going through trials and pleasant valleys of life, I seem to always encounter these “bland” moments. These are moments where I’m anticipating the next rough patch or smooth stroll. It’s the moment where I experience acceleration of growth both spiritually and in maturity. The …

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New single: P.A.T. Junior feat. J.Pelham “A Writer’s Anthem [Pens Out]” This is the first single from P.A.T. Junior’s upcoming project “The In-Betweens Vol.1: Welcome” this track was produced by Tone Jonez.   P.A.T. Junior’s Official Website:

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“I’m back at again and it hasn’t even been a year since the first release! This is the first installment to a EP series I’m starting, take a step into The In-Betweens…#Welcome! The project drops Tuesday, March 26, 2013 on Noisetrade and on my Bandcamp! Check out my latest blog on my website for details!” …

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Stage Name: P.A.T. Junior (P.A.T. = Pursuing Absolute Truth) Label: N/A Download link: Production Credits:  Tracks 1,2,4, and 7 were produced by P.A.T. Junior under his production company Ink From Calvary Productions/Writeous Ink Tracks 3 and the Bonus Track (No Question) was produced by Justin Pelham from The Winner’s Circle (Raleigh, North Carolina) Track 5 …

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