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VIDEO ALBUM REVIEW: Gill Gatsby – Employee of the Month

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Battery – The Change Up

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dee-1 – 3’s Up (EP)

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VIDEO ALBUM REVIEW: Gill Gatsby – Employee of the Month Guerilla Cross Album Review of west coast artist Gill Gatsby and his new project “Employee of the Month” that released March 10th 2015. Reviewed by: DavD Beats for Gill Gatsby put together a hip-hop soundtrack to life for the everyday dreamer. This project consist …

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Battery – The Change Up So I just finished listening to arguably the dopest emcee/producer combination that the CHH genre has to offer, and I am inspired. As a fan, I’m taken back to a time when flamboyance didn’t matter, when it was all about the music and the skill. As an …

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dee-1 – 3’s Up (EP) Ever since Dee-1 stepped on the music scene and basically slapped us in the face with his strong delivery, and his general disregard for what people think of him. There has been a lot of buzz and a bit of confusion surrounding Dee. No one knew where he …

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Not only is this Trip’s fifth studio album, but it also an experience that all real fans will not soon forget.

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Erica Danea is a new emcee who is trying to make her mark CHH genre, with her latest release “Substance on Sound” she puts forth a commendable effort.

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At what point do you call an album a classic? This is a topic of
discussion that can birth many opinions, in this review I’m going to
give mine.

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What do you say about a dude like @iamPlaydough…? Dope? Fresh? Authentic? Versatile? Weird? Strange? Christian? Questionable?

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Right off top the mention of the name Scribbling Idiots ought to take most cats back to an era when Hip Hop was still pure, un jaded by the influx of fashion, swag raps, and money talk. Back with a new project titled “Invitation Only” the SI crew takes the loyal following of hip hop …

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Dream Junkies – NREM Edition: Album Review As an infantryman in the United States Army I have spent plenty of days and nights in some very unpleasant conditions. I’ll never forget the time I went on a 20 mile ruck march after going 23 days with out taking a shower and drinking hot water out …

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Mirror and Medicine When I first heard the title of Deraj’s  EP,  I instantly thought about a medicine cabinet. Weird right? But let me explain, I know when I am sick I always look at myself in the mirror and gauge whether or not  I look like I need the medicine behind it. Regardless of …

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Album Review: Humble Tip – Free Thinking Humble Tip is an artist that I have followed for quite a while. By quite a while I mean since 2009. I have more of his albums than I do of any other artist with the exceptions of Lecrae and Da T.r.u.t.h.  Which in my view is not …

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Album Review: B-Luv – Growth Before writing this review I made the statement, “This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last year!” I shocked myself by saying that because I’m a tough critic when it comes to artists in our genre, but after I listened to the album three more times …

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God’s Servant – ‘Diadem’ ALBUM REVIEW Christian Hip Hop can be compared to the skylines of major cities, by that I mean every building plays an important role in the conglomeration  of something that is awe inspiring. The thing that makes  skylines so attractive is that every building is not the same height and are …

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SPEAKLIFE Radio Show: JGivens – Interview + “El v. Envy” album release 8.6.13 7pm pst LISTEN LIVE >>>>>>>>>>>>> Guerilla Cross SPEAKLIFE Radio Show Streaming LIVE: Tuesdays 7-9pm pst on + And we are now proud to announce that we will also be broadcasting: Wednesday nights 4-6 pm pst // 6-8pm central time on + Please tune in …

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Dre Murray “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day” Album Review Written by: Child Phenom bka Child P [@iChildPhenom] To be completely honest, I feel somewhat ignorant and under qualified, for the task of trying to review an artist like Dre Murray  without having an adequate knowledge of his music or creative ‘work history’. Now with that …

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Lecrae -“Gravity”. Review. By Charles Longo @icharleslongo #1 on itunes.  Co-signs and collabos from heavy hitters Big K.R.I.T, DJ Premier,Kendrick Lamar. A forerunner is his genre, Lecrae has constantly pushed full steam ahead with well rounded projects. This album shows growth really taking effect. As we stand on the cutting edge of creativity, debates surrounding …

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RMG – “Welcome To The Family” Album Review By Charles Longo [@icharleslongo] RMG is a collective of artists from Reach Records signee PRO, who established REFLECTION MUSIC GROUP. Artists Chad Jones, Canon, and Brothatone, all from different states, backgrounds and walk of life, share an equal number of features in this four-headed collective. Slick southern …

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