Ruyonga – “Everyday(A Song For Women’s Day)” [@RuyongaMusic]

Song celebrating my Mom, Sister and Women everywhere ….
This song’s for you Momma
I love you
and to all of you
Happy women’s day


verse 1
I just wanna thank you, for who are
when in crisis, who we’d call
when it all felt too extreme
to when all we could do is scream
you were always there to calm us
voice to soothe us hands to warm us caring for us
when the fakers walked away and gave up on us you remained our main supporters
in time we were weak you kept us strong
removed the excuses and pushed us on
you gave us peace when the day was long
and your laughter was like our favorite song
and it didn’t matter what storm you would stand
in the middle of the rain you’d just dance
showed us we could when we said we can’t
the true secret strength behind every man

(it should be a women’s day everyday
you give us a reason to celebrate
so where my ladies at x 3
go ladies x 2)

verse 2
I just want to thank you on behalf of my peers
for the blood, sweat and tears
taking all of it through the years
through it all, you persevered
all the thankless things you did
behind the scenes from making meals to raising kids
washing clothes and ironing all the shirts
and trousers I am in awe and can’t forget
how you made the breakfast and waved goodbye
and smiled through the things that made you cry
cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes,
stopping to listen, issues you don’t stop till you fix them,
teaching and passing on tradition
how you multitask is so efficient
making us feel like there’s nothing that we cant do
How can they say there’s no God and explain you?


everyday x 8

Always there when we needed you
forgive the way that we’ve treated you
there should be a firing squad
for any of us who’s ever beaten you
and all the little things you do
that are vital are so unbelievable
so we dedicate this piece to you
(thank you)
it’s the very lest we could do


everyday x 8
released 05 March 2012
Produced by JT
Recorded and Mixed at Yego Productions

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