NEWS: Say Goodbye to Playdough

NEWS: Say Goodbye to Playdough

Long time hip hop artist Playdough is no more. However, he’s still making music under a new name Krum and that’s the only change that will be happening. He’s still going to be the same emcee, but a big company wanted the name Playdough to be exclusive to them. Watch the video below for full details from Krum himself.

Hey guys! I’m making some changes over here so I wanted to let you all know the latest. This will be the last e-mail that you get from Playdough. Don’t worry, I’m still making music and going strong. From now on all of my music will be under the name “Krum“. I know that’s a major change, but it’s great news and I’m super excited about moving forward. I made a quick video to explain the reason for the change and what the future looks like for me.

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