H8SIN x 70X7 | Street Wear Brand [@H8Sin70x7]

H8SIN x 70X7 | Street Wear Brand

Los Angeles, CA – The H8SIN campaign is bringing a fresh new perspective to faith-based clothing with its new street-wear line: H8SIN 70X7. This new branch of runway-ready fashion combines the powerful messages of the H8SIN campaign with a style that is bold and visionary.
The H8SIN 70X7 team is on to something with an edgy and mysterious aesthetic which encompasses the entire feel of this street wear brand. Each component that is associated with the brand is carefully selected and crafted to fit the overall vision. H8SIN 70X7 has incorporated a heavy amount of video media to ensure the viewing experience is enhanced and all the senses are engaged.
From accessory ready graphic prints to chic yoga comfort and street-wear garments this new line fuses the quality of high-end fashion with the functionality of everyday life. Both men and women can now enjoy new gear that is comfortable, edgy, adventurous, and focused on revealing Christ in one of his many culture impacting moments (Matthew 18:21-22). This truly is Art Impacting Culture through fashion. This is H8SIN 70X7. 
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