EVENT: KIDD Live In Concert Sept. 27 in Las Vegas w/ L3xDivine, Lee Williams, and Damage Crew

OGuerilla Cross ONE80 Rally the Ryze Fundraiser FRONTne of the most talked about hip-hop artists of the summer, KIDD from Infiltrate Music, will be performing live in Las Vegas NV Saturday September 27th at 6pm as part of fundraiser event to help the local Las Vegas youth. The RZYE Youth Organization will be partnering with Guerilla Cross and SPEAKLIFE Radio in hosting this event which also features newcomers L3xDivine, Lee Williams, and Damage Crew. All proceeds for this event will go towards the RYZE Youth Organization.

For tickets or to simply donate to this event for a cause, please here: http://guerillacross.com/home/rally-ryze-youth-fundraiser-event-kidd-l3xdivine-damage-crew-lee-williams-saturday-sept-27th-6pm-las-vegas/