Eshon Burgundy – Devil ain’t a lie(Devil is a lie remake) [@EshonBurgundy @HumbleBeast]

Eshon Burgundy – Devil ain’t a lie(Devil is a lie remake)

The devil ain’t a lie/
The devil is a liar
Who hates the God of Heaven and Earth/
And tries to rape His church for everything that she worth/
But the author of the Faith gone catch’em and set him on fire/
And he came here to rob, kill and destroy/
In the form of every cold blooded D-Boy/
In the shape of every weapon raised against God/
I’m singing to my dead homies like I’m Nate dogg/
He in the form of everything that was designed to collapses ya heart and erect ya pride/
We press and repress and ingest the lie/
Depressed we digress and accept we blind/
But we pressing reset when we testify/
The Spirit of God inside we catch the vibe/
I’m on my J.(John)son 16 i’m an over comer/
Verse 33 if you didn’t know the number/
They tell me you gone know a tree by the fruit/
If it’s evil then it’s evil/
Pull that thing up by the root/
You know they lie to you trying keep you from the truth/
But what did I do to you except take you to the proof/
Take away the noose/
But they’ll take you to the roof/
And tell you jump off and ya wild dreams’ll come true/
I study the art of war but ain’t no Sun Tzu/
These gorillas is killas spiritual kung fu/
All about murder when the step up in the booth/
So they add 6 in addition to that 32 (38)/
So the devil is true
The devil is alive
And he trynna murder us soul, body and mind

And that’s fine
See him comin’ cause I ain’t blind

-Eshon Burgundy 2014



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