Doc Jones “Ambulance” ft. Mike Jacques [@docjonesmusic_]

“Ambulance” is the fifth song in the series #52Tuesdays where Doc Jones releases a new song every Tuesday of 2013. This song is a story about two people on the road to destruction who find themselves in an emergency facing death. As the sirens are going and the EMT’s are doing there best Jesus appears and they fix there eyes on Christ. Physical death is inevitable for all human beings. The questions remain “If you were to die today, Do you know Him? Where would you go? Would you spend eternity with your Father in heaven?” The bible says He stands at the door of your heart and knocks and when you open the door, Jesus will come inside and eat with you. Invite Jesus in today, I promise you won’t regret it.
Them lights flashing
Your life passing by
Riding in an ambulance
Rolling red cross on the side
Sirens turned up with them flashing lights
Two MT’s tryna save a life
fighting to breathe keep your eyes on Christ
from #52TUESDAYS, released 31 December 2012
Produced by Mighty Jay Mac

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