Hello Familia,

So it has been been 4 months since I last posted in this section. I found this out because my boss pointed it out to me the other day and said something to the effect of, “If you are not interested in your DJ lounge then I will find someone that will.” Well something like that… I wasn’t really paying attention because I searching for this routine that DJ Aslan made a while back. Some of you might be thinking it was a few months ago that Mr. Aslan uploaded the video but it was actually a year ago that the “Crowded House” routine was featured on  The Cut.

DJ Aslan

DJ Aslan

DJ Aslan is one of the heavy hitters in our community. He has showcased in various venues and spinning along side a lot
of major recording artist. Check out his Facebook for more info about him and his Soundcloud account to hear the stuff he has put out.

I look forward to the hearing upcoming projects that he is working on and you should also.