ARTIST TIP: 8 Things You Need Besides Great Music

Artist TipSo you’ve decided to try and make your mark in CHH. You have great content, good delivery, talent, so your music should naturally rise to the top, right? WRONG! Here are 8 things that must be in place for anyone to notice your music.

(1) Money.

If you don’t have any cash, you probably won’t be able to afford the heavy startup costs and time required to get music career off the ground. Make no mistake: touring, marketing, promotion, mixing, mastering, product design, etc. costs a lot of money, especially in the early stages when no one is attending your shows and purchasing your album.

 (2) Someone or Something that cares.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a label or your uncle Rico, if someone cares about your music and is willing to spend money and resources to grow that music, you have a massive advantage over other artists.

(3) Work ethic.

Without a relentless work ethic, the chances of cutting through the intense the legions of artists trying to make it are greatly reduced.

(4) Support from other artists or a scene.

Sometimes, a successful artist emerges from an isolated project studio in someone’s apartment, but most of the time they don’t. Artists are often brought to the fore by other artists like them and tour with them; they break out from scenes and musical movements that already have followers and tastemakers on board.

(5) Ability to manage boring details.

This goes back to work ethic, the artist that refuses to deal with the endless details related to touring, royalty accounting, recordings, metadata, and legal are pretty much screwing themselves.

(6) Age.

Most artists make it in their teens or 20s or not at all.

(7) Production.

Fans can’t articulate the difference, but crappy production can kill great music – and the audiences that grow around it.

(8) Live Performance

Anyone can make something sound magical in the studio, but artists that don’t furiously practice and suck live rarely cut through — even if their music is “great”.


These are just a few tips to help guide your music aspirations in the right direction. In order to make your aspirations into a career, there’s so much more that you need to do; maybe GC will hold a conference to address this topic in detail. In the meantime use these 8 tips as a starting point.


 *ARTIST TIPS is a new feature on to help new artists develop and be a step ahead of the rest of the game professionally, musically, and spiritually. Weekly articles or videos will be posted in this category on our site as well as segments for artist development live on SPEAKLIFE Radio each Tuesday 7-9pm PST.