Alert312 “Of Vice & Virtue” Download [@HumbleBeast @Alert312]

Artist // Alert312
Producer(s) // Moral One
“Of Vice & Virtue” – by Alert312 explores the tension of the human condition. Boogalu’s lyrical content is driven by the core struggle that every man and woman finds themselves in based on what the Bible calls a depraved nature – one that is rebellious to God. The flip side is the timeless Gospel of Jesus Christ – or Good News. The news that offers his Virtuous – or sinless nature to us through the offering of salvation through belief in His Son Jesus. Musically, Alert312 puts their unique stamp of percussion driven rhythms, analogue musical bedsand live instrumentation to deliver this message that is of the upmost importance to the Duo. “Of Vice & Virtue” – Which of these define the real you?”

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Track List
1. Vice Versa 2. The Villain vs. The Virtue 3. Dragon Bragging 4. Caesar 5. Lack of Achievement 6. Babble feat. Odd Thomas 7. Kill the Elephants 8. Damn 9. Jaime 10. Invisible Man feat. Catalina Bellizzi 11. Life’s Wonderful 12. Supreme

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