Erica DaneaErica Danea is a new emcee who is trying to make her mark CHH genre, with her latest release “Substance on Sound” she puts forth a commendable effort. What impressed me the most about Erica as I listened to her project, was the versatility in her delivery and rhyme structure. Many emcee’s who have been rapping for years, have been using the rhyme schemes for years. In the aspect of delivering her lyrics Erica is far ahead of many rappers in the CHH genre. My favorite song on this project was “2wit It”, the hook was catchy, the beat was nice, and her flow was on point, but I do think the track would have been stronger without the feature from Young Fatha.


As much as I wanted to really like “Substance on Sound” there were a few things that held me back. One of the main things that bothered me was that when I listened to her rap, she reminded me of other rappers, specifically Amil who is famous for features with Jay-Z on tracks such as “Jigga What, Jigga Who”. There’s no doubt that Erica can rap, but I feel like I would have enjoyed her music more if her sound was more original. The production on “Substance of Sound” also sounded a little dated.


I believe that Erica has potential to grow into an awesome an artist. With a few tweaks to her production and an original sound I feel that she could make her mark as one of the best artist in CHH.


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