S.O.G. Crew “Welcome to my world” remix ft. DJ Siren
(review by Charles Longo)

This high energy S.O.G.  remix boasts a verse from the one and only DJ Siren,crunchy guitar riffs and heavy drums for a real west coast sound. Fans of the genre know when S.O.G. performs they don’t slouch on stage and the “WTMW” remix proves just that, a rock heavy hip-hop blend. BattleAxe’s verse boldly proclaims  L.A., Annaheim city and the wars going on around him in day to day society. You realize he’s encouraging people to go on the journey with him, and that you can surely replace their city for yours. DJ Siren steps out in full confidence providing commentary with everything from female rappers to political corruption. The lyrics present a clear picture you can grab ahold of,and as S.O.G. fans know at the live shows, they want your participation.This is a song you go nuts to at an S.O.G. show, cruisin’ the ave. or puttin’ in that work at the gym. “I-look-up-to-the-sky, I-look-up-to-the sky”…..

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