P.A.T. Junior “The Build Up” ep [@wipatjunior]

Stage Name: P.A.T. Junior (P.A.T. = Pursuing Absolute Truth)

Label: N/A

Production Credits: 
Tracks 1,2,4, and 7 were produced by P.A.T. Junior under his production company Ink From Calvary Productions/Writeous Ink
  • Tracks 3 and the Bonus Track (No Question) was produced by Justin Pelham from The Winner’s Circle (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  • Track 5 was produced by Matthew Braithwhite who also a producer for Writeous Ink
  • Track 6 was produced by Jay Wilkerson aka “Diss DJ” out of Tampa Florida
Hometown: [Lives in] Raleigh, NC

Featured artists: Bailey S. Fan, Jeremiah (SAMG), Ron Hatton Jr. (Writeous Ink), and The Winner’s Circle.
Brief Biography: P.A.T. Junior (formerly P.R.E.A.C.H.) is a up and coming artist looking to join the ranks of other lyricist who strive to uplift the name of Christ with their gifts.  He is the founder and leader of young and developing media grouped called Writeous Ink.  They are a group of artists of who also aim to make Christ known through their various talents and abilities.  P.A.T. Junior’s “The Build Up” EP is a project that transparently displays his past and current life lessons in humility.  His inspiration to grow through his trials, to write, to share, and to record the project came from the scripture found in James 4:10, “Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up in honor”.  The Build Up EP is currently available on his official website for free download.
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