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Gods Servant Diadem

God’s Servant – ‘Diadem’ ALBUM REVIEW

Christian Hip Hop can be compared to the skylines of major cities, by that I mean every building plays an important role in the conglomeration  of something that is awe inspiring. The thing that makes  skylines so attractive is that every building is not the same height and are not made in the same way.  Gods Servant’s new album “Diadem” is a building that you will notice for it’s height and individuality. It is not a cookie cutter building that is added to the skyline for the sake of making an  impression.  Oh no!  It is quite the contrary. “Diadem”  is a fully functioning building that serves  the needs of the people that inhabit the city and is beacon of light for the people who are outside of the city. It is an album that both sustains and attracts.  The title “Diadem”  is a fitting name for the content contained within this album.It is indeed a musically jeweled crown geared to glorify the Sovereign King.

  The album is a magnificent work of  sound architecture, the frame of the album is welded together both securely and effectively.The beats are like the rebar and concrete that congeal into a sturdy platform to which the lyricism and delivery of God’s Servant  adds the finishing touches. As soon as you hear the first distorted and gargled riffs of  “Make Way”, you get the feeling that this album is going to be impressive. “Make Way” is a heck of an opening statement, and the lyrics are remarkable. “Make Way ” is like the breaking of a Champagne bottle to christen a Battleship into service. To caveat my previous statement, every song on this album is like a the main gun of said ship firing a 127 mm round. The impact can definitely be heard and felt. With songs of  the highest caliber such as  “Areopagus”,” Look Ye Saints”, “At His Feet” feat. Json, and  “Bringing the Diadem”, this album has a lot of character, structure, and is  very well balanced. You will be hard pressed to find a song on this album that you do not like. 

  One of the songs besides the ones aforementioned that I favor is ” For Us” featuring J. Williams. It is an airy synth driven track that is smooth and  very  effective. The song really  drives home and makes you think about the  sacrifice  Jesus made on the cross. It is a very riveting song. Another song that I really like is “Holy” featuring Chris Cobbins.  The jumpy piano line combined with the drum line and buzzy synths during the chorus makes this song great. I find it very hard to determine a clear and concise favorite song from the album, as a matter of fact my mind changed each time that I queued the next track. Which is a great indication of both quality and attention to detail.

 In closing, I would like to thank Gods Servant for his efforts. I  really appreciate the time and painstaking detail that  he put in to the  making of this album. It is a great album that I enjoyed reviewing and one that definitely has a permanent home in my playlist.

-O’Kendrick Reid-

Download ‘Diadem’ NOW: HERE

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    January 29, 2014

    I think that you may have sold me on this album! It is on my must listen to list!

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