Gerry Skrillz – Speak Life to the Death EP [@GerrySkrillz]

Gerry Skrillz – Speak Life to the Death EP

SPrinttory behind the music

For this EP I wanted to focus on the importance of obeying our master’s command to make it our main objective to spread the Gospel. I wanted to remind us of what it means to be the light of the world and to have us ask ourselves if we are truly living up to this standard. I knew that this subject in particular can easily leave believers to feel they now have the right go out into the world and with guns blazing remind the lost of all their sinful ways. I personally have witnessed how sermons on our duty to speak the “good news” lead many to speak judgment on those they feel have fallen short. This is why the EP also includes songs like “living stones” that force us to ask ourselves “ if we are known for our love or known for throwing stones”? There is a reason why Jesus forbid us to judge others and did so repeatedly. He knew that upon receiving our orders to spread the Gospel our firs mistake would be to do so with anger in judgment rather than in love. If we have The Holy spirit residing within us, we have Life and have the ability to speak life to those who are dead in their transgressions. The life we speak and the invitation we give is one that was a gift to us given freely, and cannot be earned or purchased. My goal was to make these points clear, specifically because when I first became involved in this ministry, I was truly shocked by the overwhelming  presence of judgment that was being spoken on large platforms (social media) aimed at both the lost as well as fellow believers by “members” of the Body of Christ. I pray that this EP helps me and others who were rescued from death to live out our true purpose and remember that our salvation was not and can never be earned but that it is a gift of eternal Grace from GOD.


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