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Kwon Five-Nine
Written By

Kwon Five-Nine is owner and co-founder of as well as SPEAKLIFE Radio Show. He has been involved in Christian / Positive Hip Hop since 1993 when he started rapping and has been heavily involved each year since. Starting in 2002, with "ONE80 Hip-Hop Show," a live concert series, Guerilla Cross has grown into a brand that services in concert promotion, event hosting, an online hip-hop & sports magazine, radio, media, ministry, etc. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Kwon Five-Nine has been a pioneer in the local CHH scene, evolving from local to international events and talent management. Covering sports: UFC, NBA, Vegas Golden Knights and more. Kwon has worked with hip-hop labels and artists: Humble Beast Records, Propaganda, Bizzle, Asaiah Ziv, JGivens, Dre Murray, John Givez, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Collision Records to name a few. Kwon is also a recording studio engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, as well as a 10 years experience as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

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