Fresh West Mix by DJ SeanP

Fresh West Mix by Djseanp on Mixcloud

Hello Everyone,

So I was chillin in my cubicle minding my own business when my boss asked me if I would pick up lunch for the whole staff. I was about to say no but he stated the pizza joint was 5 minutes away. Plus I found this latest mix by DJ SeanP. Being from the west I threw up my “W” and gladly accepted, knowing it also gave me the opportunity to bump some classics in my ride.

Sean P - Headshot 2010

I slowly cruise down the avenue with windows down playing the nostalgic jams,. The mix brought back memories of my youth of bboying in the park, staying up late night skating in empty parking garages, and any other reckless activity a teen could cook up with a bunch of insomniac and thrill-seeking friends.

Long story short I made my way to my old neighborhood and then to the high school I attended. At the point I replayed the mix the 3rd time I found myself  on the Las Vegas Strip just bobbing my head and singing along with each track.

“I use to sell mix-tapes”  “HIERO YO !!!”  “Back in the days…” and ect…

If you got time and are in need of a well executed mix of classic west coast underground hip hop then make sure to check this out ! Then go to DJ SeanP’s SoundCloud for more of his work and also his website to get to know all about what he is up to with Playdough and the upcoming release of the Gold Tips album!

I got to call my boss back to tell him why I was gone for 4 hours.



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