Foreknown – Ornithology [@Foreknown @HumbleBeast]

Foreknown – Ornithology

Humble Beast Records artist Foreknown releases Ornithology. Buy it on iTunes or download it free on Noisetrade. Support this dope indie artist and label!

1. Rebooted Produced by Beautiful Eulogy & The Bridge

2. The Quartermaster Produced by The Bridge

3. Double Tap Produced by Beautiful Eulogy

4. Bird In Hand feat. JGivens Produced by The Bridge

5. Minivan Produced by The Bridge

6. Cathartes Aura (Vulture) Produced by D. Steele

7. The Truth About Flight, Love, and BB Guns feat. Catalina Bellizzi Produced by Beautiful Eulogy

8. Shapeshifter Produced by The Bridge

9. Ornithology Produced by Moral One of Alert312 & Odd Thomas

10. #FootyPajamaPizzaDanceKaraokePartyGo! Produced by The Bridge

11. The Phoenix Produced by D. Steele

12. Little Miss So and So Produced by Beautiful Eulogy

13. The Never Haves Produced by D. Steele

Foreknown, is known as the unofficial voice of Christian nerd rap. His album “Ornithology” is a perfect example of why. As is the nerd way, Foreknown shows a wide spectrum of knowledge on multiple issues of varying importance throughout his 13 track journey. Some songs such as Mini Van and Quartermaster, will have you rolling your windows down and singing along. Other songs like The Never Haves and Little Miss So & So make listeners stop and think about the content.

Never missing the opportunity for a good metaphor, Foreknown has given listeners of Ornithology several fictional stories, and the recurring theme of birds. Each story is used as a device to explain a different perspective, biblical doctrine, or used simply to take you on an interesting journey. Whether you like to turn the music up and dance it out, or you’re more into sitting and thinking about your music, Ornithology has something to offer you.

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