Dream Junkies – NREM Edition: Album Review [@KingsDreamENT @RuslanKD @BeleafMel @JohnGivez]

Dream Junkies – NREM Edition: Album Review

Cover_1altAs an infantryman in the United States Army I have spent plenty of days and nights in some very unpleasant conditions. I’ll never forget the time I went on a 20 mile ruck march after going 23 days with out taking a shower and drinking hot water out of my canteen. When I was finally able to get a swallow of cold water and scrub all the sand embedded in my skin, it was one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve ever had. Ruslan, Beleaf, and John Gives, who collectively make up the Dream junkies, have created a cool and refreshing body of work that I’m elated to hear after listening to tons of dry and sandy music in CHH.

“Dream Junkies” is lavishly filled with creativity. These three lyricists are some of the strongest artists that CHH has to offer. Each one of these emcees has a distinct characteristic that adds a special ingredient to the overall feel of this album. Beleaf’s lyrics are delivered with a composed and heartfelt touch, Ruslan’s bars are delivered with potent vigor and self-assurance, and John Givez’ rounds off the trio with dexterously laid rhymes with the skillfulness of an experienced heart surgeon.

The production on this album feels like the soundtrack to a movie that was composed of a montage dreams from every dream junkie in the world. Ruslan assertively proclaims “I don’t wanna hear no more trap beats!” on the 10th track on the album “Explain”, and that’s exactly what you don’t hear on any song, which is quite refreshing. “Dream Junkies” is full of mellow production, which makes the project very easy to listen to. The never-ending dope lyrical content from this outstanding trio adds the perfect amount of audible thrill and intrigue to the smooth feel of this album. One of my favorite songs that steers away from the overall smooth feel of the album is “Dream Junkies”. This song BANGS! I first listened to it in the gym; the result was me going Super Saiyan.

By and large this was an awesome piece of art that I’m sure will have a lot of replay value to any lover of great music.

Stand Out Tracks: Higher, Old Friends, Soul Rebels, Dream Junkies, Oceans

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