Dre Murray “Gold Rush – Maybe One Day” Album Review [@DreMurray22 @CollisionRecs]

Dre Murray “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day” Album Review

Written by: Child Phenom bka Child P [@iChildPhenom]


To be completely honest, I feel somewhat ignorant and under qualified, for the task of trying to review an artist like Dre Murray ¬†without having an adequate knowledge of his music or creative ‘work history’.
Now with that being said, upon my initial listening of his latest effort titled Gold Rush: Maybe One Day, I quickly became a fan and gained an certain appreciation for how creatively candid and visual this album is!

Without going track by track there is an interesting fusion of southern style production (bass and synth) heard on songs like “Welcome to My Life” and “Red Light”, balanced with a much welcomed touch of classic sample based methods (kick and snare) evident on songs like “Hollywood Heist” and “Benjamin’s Curse”.

One thing that is clear… Regardless of what type of production he’s on, Dre delivers a raw and real depiction of what was laid on his heart when he started writing this project. Each song carries an intense, carefully guided, conceptual plan that was executed masterfully in my opinion!
But don’t take my word for it…take a careful listen to the controversial first single “Pharaoh”. Follow the themes on “Fiend” and “Alchemy” and see for yourself.
The steady themed Gold Rush offers a serious and sincere warning to a younger generation that maybe caught up in chasing after the lust of life, as tackled on the title track “Gold Rush”.

Overall there is a definite message to be heard by who I will dub and gloss “Mr. Dre Murray” out of respect for a grown man, delivering a very mature and intentional message.
With a combination of nice production, dope lyrics, and a well thought out roster of guest features, “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day” is definitely an offering worth it’s weight in gold!

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