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Miguel Baeza Talks About His Contender Series Win and Fears That He Let a UFC Contract Slip Away

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Dana White’s Contender Series Week 2 Results

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WATCH: Warriors Andre Iguodala Believes Mark Jackson Is Blackballed from Coaching in the NBA

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Artist: Macho Song: Persuaded feat. R-Swift Album: Remember (10.4.2011 Release) web:

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Check out Lecraes testimony. It’s always interesting to get to know the man behind the music. Makes the music make a little more sense when you know the background of the artist. Comment and let us know what you think and follow this artist on twitter.

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Bizzle and Sevin will be performing LIVE at Guerilla Cross ONE80 Hip-Hop Show Friday Ma 25th 7pm in Las Vegas NV 5900 W. Cheyenne Ave 89108. Buy tickets now online:

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Fruit Cocktail. Believers B3ar Fruit. Baxter. If these framents (well, one is actually a sentence) don’t spark any familiarity to you, then I’d like to invite you to the side where the cool kids play! B3ar Fruit is a streetwear brand that is no stranger to making a positive impact in the urban lifestyle. Owner Octavius …

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The Battery-“Break” (feat. DJ Aslan) by GuerillaCross The Battery is Peace 586 on the beat production and Jurny Big on the lyricism. Have a read through their bio for a bit more background… It’s perfectly understandable to think that a relationship might become a little stale after 20 years. Whether things just don’t “click” like …

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Bryan “Braille” Winchester has had a productive year. He launched The Humble Beast Website and Record Label with some equally talented and hardworking individuals. The result has been some great art, both audio and visually, as well as commendable performing and touring for Braille and the crew, locally and abroad. He has also come from …

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When Shonlock’s full-length debut release ‘NEVERODDOREVEN’ (Arrow Records/Universal Music Christian Group) was released on June 21, 2011, the artist, previously best known for his ongoing gig as part of TobyMac’s Diverse City, stepped up to a mic that was all his own. With the success of his first two radio singles and an increased demand …

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Lecrae tweets: “Sometimes you have to check back in…” This deluxe edition includes BOTH Rehab and Overdose as well as 3 Bonus Tracks and a DVD! For more information, visit Reach Records This should be interesting…

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Wes Pendleton Joins the Illect Recordings Family Passion.  Hard work.  Faith.  These three things have thus far defined the career of Wes Pendleton – producer, rapper, and the newest addition to the Illect lineup.  Hailing from Philadelphia, Wes broke into the scene in 2006 under the moniker Teddy P. with Rhyme Council, a group featuring …

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Dope new video from theBREAX check it out and let us know what you think!  

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The New York native Doc Jones grew up just outside New York City. Close enough to soak up all the art, music and culture, yet far enough away to keep him out of trouble till his young adult years. He now resides in Las Vegas, where his life has been turned upside down. He went …

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Guerilla Cross ONE80 Hip-Hop Show Friday September 23rd at 8pm pst LIVE EVENT: 5900 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas NV 89108 . If you’re in the Las Vegas NV area please come check this out and see what you’ve been missing. Guerilla Cross is an all ages positive venue with some of the illest local emcees as …

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Guerilla Cross “It’s More Than Music” Tour coming to a venue near you! Featuring artist such as: JGivens, Ruyonga, G-Blest, Doc Jones, CrossOver, Charles Longo, The rOc Dance Crew, C.O.P., and IC Jonez just to name a few. To book an event please email us at and check out the official tour website coming soon …

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Download the new album by Braille now for FREE:

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